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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

World's Wickedest Wednesdays: Neurotic Nazis

What would a fictional world be without a nasty Nazi neerdowells needlessly needling noble nice-guys? Well so that we may be homage to this overly redundant category, we highlight to Aryan airheads that really rubbed our heroes the wrong way.

Next to Captain Nazi, perhaps the position for number two national socialist of Earth-S would be Baron Von Gatz, a thorn in the side of Captain Midnight the inventive licensed legend at Fawcett. Not much to say except he definitely crops his hair clsoe to the scalp and is shameless in the plumage he's draped in. And he had a short fuse, but then didn't all these cookie cutter creeps back in the day?

At least Charlton's standard issue socialist had something distinct (unless you count another such character over at Marvel), he was a real bonehead! Literally! The Smiling Skull was born ugly and didn't let that get in the way of his aspirations for world domination, which he never accomplished thanks to the interference of such do-gooders as Judomaster and Sarge Steel.

Steel Sterling's opposite number Baron Gestapo seemed to represent Earth-MLJ's version of the same old same old in crew cut corrupt cronies of creeps.

In 1954, aspiring comic book publisher Charlton purchased the rights to several prominent characters from the expiring Fawcett Comics, such as Ibis, Golden Arrow and Lance O'Casey. In 1980 and 1985, DC Comics purchase Fawcett's Marvel Family then Charlton's Action Heroes, and the two were linked once more, now on parallel Earths, Four and Shazam.Now the MLJ has been added to their stable of characters, we examine the parallels in this series.

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