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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Black Hood Wants You: To Tune Out...

While never achieving animated fame, at least one member of the Mighty Crusaders did reach a modest level of priminence in another medium. Which seemed to be a harbinger of a revival two decades later in the form of "Radio Comics", predecessor to Mighty/Red Circle Comics.
Kip Burland aka the Black Hood was featured in a radio drama that aired from July 7, 1943 until January 1944, consisting of 120 episodes of fifteen minute episodes each. Starring the voices of Scott Douglas as the signature character and Marjorie Cramer as his girlfriend Babs, the series was noted as mostly pedestrian since stringent broadcast standards prohibited the more violent elements featured in the comics of that decade.

An excellent resource for this obscure series can be found at the Mighty Crusaders website as well as other items of interest on the Archie heroes.

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