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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fly versus the Blue Beetle Round 3

Now given, we are presenting to you, our readership, in a dancing duel to the death a Thomas Troy as originally imagined by Joe Simon with C.C. Beck and reimagined by the boss of  Joe's partner, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee.
So instead of Blue Beetle versus Silver Spider, we have the more familiar webslinger upon which a movie franchise resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in box office has produced.

Consider how much more they would have made if "So You Think You Can Dance...Bugs?" ever made it to the silver screen. We offer this as fuel for some enterprising Hollywood screenwriter...

(And for more on the history of the Silver Spider concept, as well as other historical gems and factoids on one-half of our favorite subject in these here parts, check out the most excellent Mighty Crusaders network which is a storehouse of infromation on all things Archie and Mighty/MLJ!)

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