Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fiends: Foreign Femme Fatales

Our twin masters of materializing, MLJ's minor league hero Bob Phantom and Charlton's major league villain the Ghost, had more in common than teleporting into troublesome situations. Or their flair for capes and cowls.

Both encountered foreign femme fatales that continually plagued their existence and nearly cost them their lives. Matching their mastery of manipulation of men and machines, Phantom and Ghost outsmarted Japan's Ah-Ku and Sunaria's high priestess using a combination of their potent prowess and their persistence patience even in the face of danger.

While the grand advisor of the Sunarian race of warrior women operated behind-the-scenes until the final confrontation between her people's Faceless One (although the Ghost was not, in fact, their legendary leader... he only looked exactly like him for some strange inexplicable reason), Ah-Ku repeatedly quarreled with Bob Phantom over several cases until she was finally defeated by her adversary.

There are a series of tales chronicled elsewhere on the web that preserve this little known fictional fiend for future fans of fabulous fab fighters of freedom. Although, from the picture above, it was Bob Phantom who was the "fiend" in her eyes, much like the Priestess. And, from a certain perspective, that is definitely true as both enigmatic entities were a thorn in the collective sides of our greedy gals and their minions.

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