Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Originals VS DC Dopplegangers: The Beetles

Since the Ted Kord before Charlton's world was absorbed in DC and after its assimiliation is virtually the same, we'll consider Ted's alter ego versus Jaime Reyes, each an heir to the title of Blue Beetle. While neither was the original, they each have aptly shown they can carry on with the decades long tradition started by Dan Garrett in the 1940s. However, our focus is how these two would fare if faced with one another. Of course, as Reye's wears an alien armor derived from Garrett's scarab, itself extraterrestrial technology virtually actualized in Reyes. Allowing itself to configure into a variety of weaponry, the suit makes Reyes more than a match for Kord with his strobe gun. And unlike Ted's flying "Bug", which is an artificial intelligence of man-made design, the scarab suit mainframe is highly structured. The only advantage Ted would have over Jaime is his athletic and intellectual capabilities, while Jaime is still discovering how to maximize his own innate abilities.

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