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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charlton vs Avengers vs Mighty MLJ

The Avengers weren't the first... as in a superhero team movie. The X-Men franchise and the Watchmen movie had glimmers of this concept perculating throughout their various tales. However, the Avengers cemented how divergent heroes can unite for a common cause with nothing bonding them save for equal parts tenacity and talent. Not a mutant-tie nor a mystery-tie... but the true tie that binds... heroism in the face on indominable odds. While we can dream that Charlton's Action-Heroes and Archie's Mighty Crusaders may someday grace the silver screen with their presence, nothing can match what transpired when Marvel Comics' Sensational Sextet saved their world!

As for a battle between this triad of terrific teams:
  • Black Widow takes fellow female agent Nightshade, while Fly Girl would aptly avoid her web.
  • Thor would overwhelm Son of Vulcan and Jaguar, despite their might, given his experience.
  • Iron Man would more than match the equally tech-savy Peacemaker and Comet... combined!
  • Hulk's gamma-irradiated strength would overwhelm Captain Atom and Lancelet Strong.
  • Hawkeye would have the jump on the keen-eyed Blue Beetle and Fly, if only for the moment.
  • Captain America would have difficulty with Shield but not so much with Judomaster.
  • Oh, and Nick Fury would laugh in the face of Peter Cannon and the Web... "ant... boot"!

1 comment:

Matt Celis said...

nah BB or the Fly would
mop he floor with Hawkeye and Nightshade would take BW easy. fly girl would take em