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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cancelite - Thy Name is Character Limbo

While not meaning to be a Killjoy, we would like to have a lot to say about this humorous acrobatic vigilante. More is the pity, to dissect the wonderful Ditko would be a wonderful post in and of itself. Regrettably, after only two appearances this character fell into character limbo. Which is tragic in some cases, given the potential, while in other instances it's a merciful reprieve.

A case in point is the 1960's criminal Hangman, also played up to laughs although moreso in a machevellian manner. While we've already considered him and his strong parallel's to Charlton's Punch of Punch and Judy fame, the Hangman has some resonance with Killjoy as well. A seemingly in-your-face vigilante set against a more comical world, or at least one not to be taken of quite so seriously.

Steve Dickering may be a more approp comparison to Killjoy, as Steve's Hangman identity lasted all of two issues of Red Circle's Comet mini-series during the 80's, and then presumably a cameo in Mighty Crusaders #9 assisting in clearing the Shield's name from a murder rap (since the original Hangman died in the Comet series prior to this issue, Steve would be the logical choice for the man behind the mask). Hangman and Killjoy played against such a duo as Batman and the Joker over at DC Comics, the grim and the jovial, each matched well with the other in battles of both wit and brawn.

As for this blog, we're in a bit of a slowdown mode (but we'll pickup the pace later on) to recharge our creative batteries. Maybe we can revisit this topic once more?

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I'm sorry to see this blog going on hiatus, but you explained your reasons to my satisfaction. Thank you for all the hard work and research!