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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fiends of Fridays Week: Iron-Rich Robbers

Never was it more apparent that the novelty of Ironman was catching fire throughout comicdom of the 1960's than today's pair of Friday Fiends.

Iron-Fist was a run-of-the-mill crook with a flair for technology he couldn't control. In other words, his genius outraced his common sense. Enter the Web, who fearlessly will always confront any ill-tempered individual (save his wife during one of her mood swings), regardless of their armaments.

During this tale, Web tried to corral his flying foe who's jet boots ran amok, only to get knocked out himself while the dastardly dufus ran off to regroup and recoup. And perhaps, just perhaps, come up with a felonious scheme to merit his steep investment in high-tech lifestyle?

Iron-Arm however was a product of a more serious brand of criminal, the hired goon, in this instance hired out to dispatch Captain Atom. With a gimmick including super strong mechanical arm attachments, Iron-Arms proved to be more than just a henchman but a real nasty piece of work.  And they had quite a go of it the first time they locked horns.

In the end, each Iron man faced defeat by different means. For Iron-Arms, its was simply that his powerpack was overexerted when facing the atomic avenger, leading to this one-trick pony konking out for good. For Iron-Fist, it was due to the shamefulness of having an adversary pollycoddle to his wife... seriously that is what happened back in the silver age days of Mighty Comics ... causing the rogue to rethink his own priorities! Neither proved a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of their Marvelous inspiration!

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