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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: Adventure of the Hollywood Blackmailers

After a lengthy hiatus, we're back with an edition of Yellowjacket Webnesdays where we revisit the thrilling (or semi-entertaining, anyways) adventures of the bold bee-boy of the 1940's.

How will this mystery unfold further? What secret weapon will Yellowjacket unleash (hint: it's a vitamin... no not Miraclo nor 2-X... he had his own special formula). The answers are in part 2...

Interesting way of melding the civilian occupation with the costumed career of Vince Harley. And no one is the wiser that he's one-in-the-same despite a lack of a mask. His doppleganger the Web will himself also be drawn into a web of conflict that his alter ego has to resolve, upcoming...

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