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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: Horror in Hotel

The Web usually got knee-deep into trouble that his alter ego, Professor John Raymond, had initially gotten involved in. Which kinda makes sense, since he was a criminologist and crime writer on the side, not dissimiliar from Charlton's Yellowjacket. However, MLJ Comic's resident spider-man found threats not in Hollywood but in a hotel as in this weeks tale:

What secret does this mysterious stranger possess to engender such interest in these nefarious nimrods? What special gadget will the Web unleash on his adversaries? Let's find out...

That's it? What exactly was the purpose of all this chaos? Apparently the writer (not either superhero's other identity, we would hope) left this to our imagination. Which is okay but kind of a cheat, storytelling wise. And the gimmick at Web's disposal... a robe! Not exactly a webline or the exploding web-balls his son John Jr. would use decades hence, but still doable.

What will next tax the terrific talents of our two troubleshooters? Find out next week...

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