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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: "The Adventure of the Golden Horn"

Welcome back to Yellowjacket Webnesdays, where we dive into another tale from the golden age with Charlton's most famous hero of that era (and virtually their only one, matter of fact). Once more, Vince Harley decides to investigate the premise behind his latest tale, although this time he's still forming from the beginning.
"Slack off". Umm okay, I'm sure that meant something a little more PC than how it sounds today. When you see a slick customer like this goon with teeth grinning from the start, you know who the villain of the piece is. Now let's dive into the final confrontation between are antagonist and the plot's protagonist, and see if the Count had counted the cost of his corrupt course....

Yikes, so not only did Jacket's yellow pets keep tabs on this troublemaker, one of those buggers sacrificed his life to help his master clock this crook. But tripping on the machination of his malevolent manipulations...classic! And once more, Vince absconds an idea from the actual writer of the story he starred in. C'mon you can do better buddy?!?

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