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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: The Web, Cover Boy

The Web appeared in exactly ten golden age comics, in Zip Comics #27-37. Despite almost every cover having him and his pal Steel Sterling duking it out versus Axis thugs, he almost never battled foreign foes in his own tales underneath the front cover. And while generally shown as a brunette, in his first and another appearence he appeared as a red head, so apparently he was a fan of the hair dye which was quite unusual among his peers back in the day.
Cap may have had a Red Skull over at Timely Comics, but Web had the more nefarious "Green Skull" to butt heads with

DC Comics may have had the World's Finest Team, but MLJ's dynamic duo of the Web and Steel Sterling was "Top Notch"

This incarnation would then rest until being revitalized within the canon of MLJ/Red Circle in Mighty Crusaders #9, as an aged criminologist (long since retired and having bequeathed his costume to his henpecked son) called upon to testify in the trial of his old ally the Shield.

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