Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Action-Heroes or Mighty Crusaders?

Which of the following "BIG FIVE" on these two teams would you take in a head-to head? You would think it would be the Crusaders, since they actually worked together (unlike the "Action-Heroes who never shared so much as ONE silver age adventure together!). Yet with all the intra-hero quarreling over at Mighty during this period of time, at least the Charlton crew knew how to keep a healthy distance other than at photo shoots.

Just love seeing the Captain shake his 60's mod groove hips!

Notice the self-deprecating manner of Charlton's ad "...and they're not half bad!" So they are also not half-good? On the opposite end of the spectrum, Migthy's ad reflects over-confidence in their product: "You asked for it...". Seems like both kinda missed the mark on engendering interest in their product. Probably why they are a novelty not legends.

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