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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fiends: The Tumbler vs the Acrobat

Usually, superheroes face very weak rogues, physically speaking that is. Often they face brain rather than brawn, Perhaps it's easier to engage the reader in a story involving a battle of wits. However, when portrayed by a solid artist, a physical confrontation can be just as engaging. Then mix in a villain that also has a head firmly planted on a solid physique, and you can provide a real challenge.

Our two baddies today show their athletic prowess, going toe-to-toe with Judomaster and the Web. The Acrobat was a Japanese assassin sent by his Imperial masters during the height of World War II to finish Judomaster for  his personal  and national honour

The motifications of the Web's foe is much simpler, he's greedy. In the course of their first confrontation, he instantly gains contempt for the hero and taunts him for a rematch.

Neither hero faired well in the initial confrontation, Never fear! For their steely determination prompted them to pursue these limber larcenists even if it meant getting a little wet! Despite this, our twin terrors were determined that their rematch afford them vicious victories. Keep reading!

Incredible! Even in the 60's, the Tumbler was telling his Facebook buddies to keep track of their Web alerts while surfing the net! Anyways, the short-lived careers of  these Friday Fiends were squashed by some superior adversaries. Probably why we never saw a Acrobat and the Tumbler strip. 

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