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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amazingly Agile Americans Attain Asian Abilities

Even within a comic publisher, often creators will conceive characters with similar attributes to function within the same fictional universe. Sometimes with startling results... assuming they are able to interact to any measurable degree.

Sadly, while Judomaster and Thunderbolt were appearing in their own self-titled comics under the Charlton banner of the late 1960s, ne'er twain the two did meet! Perhaps there was a reason.

While each was distinct in specific ways, each spawned from the minds of equally gifted artist writers, they had some fundamental similarities:

  • Americans trained in the proficency of an Asian artist style of self-defense
  • Champions developed by seasoned masters to combat insidious international threats
  • Positive mind-sets propel their physical abilities to their peak efficiency
  • Spunky sidekicks assisted these masters in both their self-training and their adventures
Were they to have met in am epic duel, what may have transpired?

Undoubtedly, Peter Cannon's superior mental disciplines coupled with his muscular conditioning would more than match that of Rip Jagger, if for no other reason than the special scroll that Thunderbolt had access to as well as decades of training from childhood onward, as opposed to Judomaster who was trained as an adult. Still, after the requisite superhero smackdown ala Marvel Comics style, the two heroes would then team-up to protect the world from any threats that may endanger their precious Earth-Four!


1 comment:

Rip Jagger said...

I beg to differ kind sir. Minus of course some time travel, poor Judomaster would be quite Peter Cannon's senior by the time the two might've fought, but still I of course would put my chits in with the Scarlet Smasher!

I of course could be accused of being biased.

Rip Off