Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Distinctive Competition Showcases the Fly?

While Charlton Comics got no love from neither DC nor Marvel during the mid to late 1960's when their action heroes debutted to modest success, at least Mighty Comics gained some notoreity with DC. Or did they?

From Showcase #69, which spotlighted a non-descript fictional rock band named the Maniaks, comes this scene of a "Human Fly". At first glance, this might be perceived as a wink and a nod for the Fly.

Only by the time this issue hit the shelves in July 1967, the only superhero title published by Archie was Mighty Comics which assumed the numbering of Fly's title. And this title featured the Shield and Hangman, with the Fly history by this point.

Upon closer examination, the second fireman's comment "I never Spied a Man who could climb like that" seems to be a tip of hat to a certain Peter Parker instead of Thomas Troy.

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