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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fiends: The Tiger Shows His Teeth

Notable former sidekicks that turn on their mentors, at least temporarily, have grown in this modern age of comics. Previously, a boy hero was loyal to his mentor throughout his career from youth to adulthood. Yet now, such characters as Jason Todd (the former Robin II) and Bucky Barnes (original ward of a certain Steve Rogers) became fueled with a rage spawned in part from living in the shadow of their earlier rolemodel.

Add to the list Tiger, a lad whose career actually started in emnity as he soured on a Rip Dagger until learning that this seemingly cocky caucasian was secretly Judomaster a man more honorable then the Japanese warrior known as Cat, who earlier held sway to the affections of the kid.

Thankfully over at MLJ Mighty, the premier  prepubescent partner, Dusty remained tried-and-true to his guardian, the Shield. Although there is the never explained mysterious decades long disappearence of the Boy Detective, hinted at when the time-lost lad was pulled from the 40's into the 60's during a Mighty Crusaders case. Upon seeing the colorfully clad lad, the Shield's son felt a tinge of guilt when his identity was called into question by the boy despite the second Shield's similar appearance to his legendary father. This was later reinforced by internal monologue of the original crusader, who retruned from decades of suspended animation, pondering on what became of Dusty. If he did not turn to the dark side, did the dark side somehow claim him instead?

Further developments would shed some light into what became of Tiger and Dusty from then until now...

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