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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watchmen and Friends: The Missing Issue!

Who watches the Watchmen of Riverdale?

Why Principle Weatherbee of course!

Who would win a battle between Captain Pureheart the Powerful and the Horned Owl?

Depends on whether Mr Owl sends his gal-pals after Cap, given his weakness towards kisses and all.

Why would Jughead where that odd mask?

C'mon, if you had that kinda face, wouldn't you prefer a big huge inkblot where your sourpuss was?

Who is Betty if Veronica is the Silk Spectre?

Well, she IS Superteen in her alter ego, so...

Who would win between Silky and Supes?

That's fodder for another post, someday perhaps?

(P.S. Apparently Arche DOES like Watchmen... despite our earlier post to the contrary!)

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