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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crossover Month: Colorful Crooks

Of the many colorful cats we've introduced into this blog, none are more so than are Doctor Spectro of Charlton and Rainbow Raider of DC Comics. Both rogues and long-time adversaries of  Captain Atom and the Flash, respectively. Each utilized technology allowing them to maniuplate emotions through colors they project, as well as more solidified attacks from this same energy. While Spectro was a disgruntled scientist transformed into a supervillain after exposure to his equipment, Raider was a color-blind artist embittered with his lot in life and exploiting the special goggles his father bequeathed him.

While neither were prolific in their number of appearances, they each made their mark while they were being showcased as potential real threats towards their foes... and towards the fashion world as well!


Rip Jagger said...

Ironically I was looking Rainbow Raider up just yesterday myself because I ran across his namesake in the Dial H for Hero collection and wondered if they were connected.

They weren't.

Rip Off

earth-two said...

Yeah that "Doc Quinn" was a true one-hit wonder,for sure!