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Friday, December 17, 2010

Crossover Month: Space Ghosts

Space Ghost was a novel idea for a Saturday morning cartoon. An enigmatic apparently wealthy mastermind inventing various gadgets to battle menaces throughout the galaxy. Alas, the tired formula of always being outwitted by his opponents, and thus always dependent on salvation from a pair of sidekicks and his pet monkey was a bit worn out. Mind you, this is something the Super Friends played up for years with their Wonder Twins and Gleek.

The Ghost's history with Archie Comics was a sole issue published in 1997, while DC Comics picked him up for a half dozen more in 2005 with additional appearances prior to this in Gold Key and Marvel. How would the uber-serious SG stack up to his talk show host counterpart... you know they couldn't be the same character. Perhaps there is a Ghost patrolling every universe!

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