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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crossover Month: Spidey's Sultry Scarlet Scamp

Cheryl Blossom was an attempt to do a few things:
  • Break the mold of Archie "good girls", such as they were, with spice
  • Add a gal to the mix allowing Betty and Veronica to unite vs a foe 
  • Cover the gambit of hair colors for our protagonist to select from
She has much in common with Mary Jane Watson, Spidey's main squeeze. Edging out other rivals, she ended up getting her man (unlike Cheryl who toils on the fringes of comic limbo).

Perhaps during webhead's next rebooted history, Ms. Blossom could enter into his life. Then a battle royal between Pete and Arch would ensue, Spider-Man vs Pureheart the Powerful!

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