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Monday, December 13, 2010

Crossover Month: What's Bugging Lana?

Poor Lana, she is the second most jilted lass in all of comics next to Betty Cooper. Always the bridesmaid and such. She just happened to know Superman from the days of his youth when she fawned after the Boy of Steel, back in the pre-Lois days when all he knew was Miss Lang. She even adopted a heroic alias as Insect Queen, and still he wasn't impressed, although his alias Clark Kent did date her as an adult for awhile.

Maybe what she needs is Archie... ah yes we know he is the King of Fickleness. Still, maybe she has what all his other gals lacked, a Je ne sais quoi unmatched by others. And he meets one of your requirements, at least when dressed up as Pureheart the Powerful.

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