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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fiends: Modern-Day Ancient Dictators

We begin another two-parter with two of our longest running features here: Friday Fiends and (next week) Team-Up Tuesdays. Today, we introduce a bare of modern-day despots who carve their hidden kingdoms in hidden locales and seek to enslave humanity. Only they each have to face a team of heroes bent on their defeat, the Mighty Crusaders and the Peacemaker duo of Christopher Smith and his assistant Nora O'Rourke.

Captain Kangaroo! A dated reference to be sure, but definitely a knee slapper. More Captain Flag never seems to get much respect. With that giant bird half the time I'd confuse him with Bird-Man!
The situation definitely looks dire for our heroes. Possessing the upper hand, the Nameless One and Golden Pharaoh named Chufru may actually succeed in their mad schemes! Ummm.... nah. Next week we'll wrap up this two-parter with some fancy fighting by our fearless freedom fighters! Until then.


nyrdyv said...

Never a more creative name than The Nameless One.


Steven G. Willis

earth-two said...

Ah the magic of Mr. Jerry Ess!