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Monday, May 10, 2010

Son of a.... Shield Slinging Savior? Surreal!

Legendary heroes armed with mighty shields from days long ago whose time had passed. However, their legacies would persist in their sons, one biological and one symbolic, who took up their mantles and fought the fine fight against fiendish foes from across the globe. Joe Higgins aka the Shield became a stone statue, thanks to the machinations of the Eraser, for which is infant son  Bill would grow to inherit his father's superhuman strength and avenge the indignity placed upon his sire. Meanwhile, old Apollo... himself represented in statue form... would see the need in our modern age to dispatch a new protector for humanity in the altered form of Johnny Mann. The Shield and the Son of Vulcan!

Both men possessed great strength and invulnerability, matched by their great courage and zeal for good!

While Johnny Mann was a world renowned  star reporter in his civilian identity, Bill Higgins never quite measured up and always lingered in menial work.

Yet both inspired even their harshest critics due to their fearless fighting!

Both heroes were seen alongside fellow heroes of their day,  Mighty Crusaders and Action-Heroes!. While the Shield could, for a time, transport, Son of Vulcan was capable of swift flight anywhere!
Each wore armor and wore shields. Shield had his stars, Vulcan his swords.

After Bill eventually recruited the Comet to return his father Joe to animated form, Bill retired from his  short costumed career.

Bill's attempt to have a successful career in a different uniform was motivated by a crisis of conscience for not helping his dad sooner. On the other hand, a Crisis on Infinite Earths was what resuscitated the career of Vulcan's Son John as he returned to active duty to protect the innocent of Earth. Both left their mark in comics during their brief heroic escapades!

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