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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: The Birth of Legends

Last week we welcomed to our humble blog the minor legends of the golden age Web and Yellowjacket. Two intellectuals well versed in criminology, that don outfits inspired by bugs to catch their prey in webs of their own making and stink them were it hurts! Now we delve into Web's super secret origin, which he reveals to his student Rose Wayne:

John Raymond aka the Web's greatest superpower? His ability to change hair color at the drop of a hat (which, if he wore, you probably wouldn't even have noticed). Last time is was reddish blond, this time it is black, another time its blonde. Definitely enough to bedazzle that Nazi nitwit Count Berlin. The fumbling fool!

And what of Yellowjacket? Well last week we learned of his incredible immunity to his namesake, which also granted him the curious power of controlling them which he uses to good advantage as he confronts his larcenist foes:

Don't you just love how colorful costumes were just falling off trees back in the 1940s. Some guys gets inspired to crack criminal craniums and... WHAM BAM SOCK... they are  dressed like pile-driving bananas! Don't call these two yellow, even if they like the color!

More good stuff to come.


nyrdyv said...

This is one of the best choices I have seen for bringing to your blog readers. Thanks!


Steven G. Willis

earth-two said...

Thanks Steven, I love these vintage golden age obscurities and these are among the coolest.