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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Three is Company x 2

Good things come in threes, or so the expression goes. Then again, the opposite could also be true. And in today's post, we see this concept go in both directions with the introduction of  Charlton's Tyro Team and and (Mighty Comics successor) Red Circle's Delta Three, and brief notoriety.

John "Spec" Anders, Warren "Creep" Blaine, David "Swift" Scott  were three college students with a secret that bond them together. They could communicate to one another telepathically. And team leader, Spec, decided to work side-by-side with Swift as a two-man crime fighting duo known as the Tyros. As for Creep? Well as his name suggests, he's good at creeping around and tracking down the saltier elements of city life.

Meanwhile, that saltier element were themselves creeping around over at Red Circle, as a triad of terror operating a criminal organization known only as "Delta" worked in the background to foment trouble for law abiding citizens, and the Shield in particular. While sending superpowered operatives to do their bidding they always planned their next scheme:

The Tyros, well at least to of them, always carried with them their trademark masks to escape detection. As if almost working in sync they seemed to overwhelm superior numbers simply due to their "knowing where each other is at" during their fisticuffs with foes!

While there was a type of brotherhood bonding the Tyros, such was not the case with the Deltas as there is no loyalty among thieves, nor with their minions as in this instance when they prized agent the Hun is captured and their fearful that he'll rat them out:

Don't they all look adorable in their matching skull-cap masks (because that's not how they actually look, although we never see them as unmasked the Delta Three are always in the shadows). For the Tyros, it was inevitable all three work together to track down the evil kingpin:

Did the Tyros ever track down the mysterious kingpin...and if so was he in some way tied in to their strange powers and origin? Did Delta ever achieve just ONE of their goals without interference from their heroic arch-enemy? We may never know as they have faded into comic book limbo. But wouldn't it be smashing if two triads met one day to clash?

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Ya just can't go wrong with good old plain vigilantism.


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