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Monday, May 24, 2010

Marvel Mondays: Meta-Human Mimics

Ah the "House of Idea", as Stan Lee called it. And it definitely was that and much much more. However, his publisher was also known in some circles as the "House of Recycled Ideas". Need proof? Consider these guys:

Okay, a homo sapien turned into a fly. Got it. A guy in a special suit that gains strength and becomes a human shield. Sure. A dude that inhales fumes allowing him to fly and emit radiation to transform into a living comet. Um, alright. And a rope slinging vigilante who, after figuring that his long last relative (read: living comet) is dead then decides to avenge his death. Whatever. Where have I heard this before?

Oh yeah! The Fly, Shield, Comet and Hangman! What a coincidence!

Or not. Stan Lee was allegedly not very keen on Mighty Comic's mocking of his style of comics and editorial writing (such as Jerry Ees for Siegel) and in the 1970's decided to do a back handed slap at his one time wimpy rival over at Archie. However, the most blatant copy, in this writer's humble opinion, was leveled against Charlton who always minded their own business and even revered the powerhouse publisher:

Two military captains gaining cosmic powers clad in bright garb traveling through space to champion a heroic age! Make Mine Mighty Charlton!


Rip Jagger said...

Captain Marvel's sparkly trail when he flew was a real tip off to the inspiration for his third incarnation.

Sure there was plenty of Shazam, but Starlin developed those...ahem...atomic tendencies.

Rip Off

hobbyfan said...

One thing you're neglecting. Marvel's Fly was a villain instead of a hero, and debuted in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 10 (I had that issue), then later fought Spider-Woman.

earth-two said...


In the immortal words of John Cusack from "Say Anything": "You...must...chill". This was a quick recap not an elaborate breakdown on each character yet. Sheesh.


I always thought there was homage between the two Caps and loved Starlin's take on both of 'em.

nyrdyv said...

The Comet was one of the earliest foes of Nova:


Steven G. Willis