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Monday, May 31, 2010

Marvel Mondays: The Human-Fly-Man

"One thing you're neglecting. Marvel's Fly was a villain instead of a hero, and debuted in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 10 (I had that issue), then later fought Spider-Woman."

So saith Hobbyfan last Monday, and little did he/she/it know that the subject of his/her/its inquiry was, in fact, this Marvel Monday's featured subject. The Human Fly!

My oh my...they simply inverted the color scheme of old Thomas Troy's under-roos! Now that's Not Brand Eck moxy for ol' Stan the Man! And each battled a Spider...Man and Spry!

Per Marvel's Wiki entry for this character here is a quick bio for him:
  • Richard Deacon, a small-time criminal out on parole, was shot by the police and left for dead after his unsuccessful kidnapping attempt was foiled by Spider-Man. Stumbling into the laboratory of Dr. Harlan Stillwell, Deacon coerced the scientist into saving his life. Stillwell imprinted the genetic coding of a common fly onto Deacon, empowering him and healing him of his bullet wounds. Deacon killed Stillwell and used his newfound powers to further his criminal ambitions. He first used Jameson as bait to get revenge on Spider-Man, but his inexperience was no match for the web-slinger and he was defeated.

Oh, but indeed Web-Head in fact DID defeat this flying fake. On at least a couple occasions, as well as bouts with a couple other crimefighters he ran into at various times in his ersatz career. Eventually he was wiped out as part of a plot device to amp up the rep of a criminal assassin. Regardless, this was definitely the biggest swipe of a Mighy Comics creation out there.

Next week we shift gears to a Charlton homage and Marvel copy!


nyrdyv said...

Sad to say, but The Fly always seemed like a last minute creation made to just fill a need in the storyline. No real thought or effort seemed to go into it.


Steven G. Willis

earth-two said...

And yet surprisingly, he was probably Archie's most successful silver age star!