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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Ancient Adversaries Attacked!

We carry on with our review on the battle between the Mighty Crusaders and their foe the Nameless One, in their self-titled issue #5, and Golden Pharaoh's battle with Peacemaker in an unpublished adventure.

So let's get started:

Well how do you like that? It was a rival villain, Spider-Spry, that unseated Nameless' plans, it left the door open for nigh-omnipotent Mr. Justice to turn the tables on the mastermind's power neutralizer and give the Crusaders/Terrific Three/Ultra-Men their powers back! And for the dynamic duo of Peacemaker and his lovely assistant, it was Nora who ultimately tipped the scales on the Pharaoh and left him and his criminal empire in ruins. Despite all their high tech gadgets and strategies, they were no better against our incredible Team-Ups!


nyrdyv said...

Looking at the story title, I have to think a slight improvement would have been:

The Anonymous Agents of the Nameless One.

Does that not seem much more fitting?


Steven G. Willis

earth-two said...

True... however that would only apply to 1/2 of my subject. The Golden Pharaoh might feel left out if I excluded him... then he'd end up training his solar beams at me! I can do without a suntan, thank you very much. :)