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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: Zip #29 Part 1

And now part 2 of of our power packed double helping of golden age goodness, with a rousing tale of Professor John Raymond Sr and his mission to Nazi Germany during the height of the war. This tale definitely distinguishes the Web from his silver age counterpart in a number of areas: first of all the time frame and this hero battled during World War II given his adversaries, as well as his different personality as a more assertive individual. In addition, his student/love interest Rose Wayne isn't the henpecker that Rose Hardy was. Let's now commence!

It is evident this week that John decides on a reddish tint to his hair color. Will he stick to this or revert back to his black dye job or blond bleach job? Oh yeah, and will he come out of Germany alive and unscathed? Found out next week when we learn how his example influenced one famous historical figure!

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