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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: Zip #38 Part Two

When last we visited with the Web, he was knee deep in the midst of a mystery involving a married woman and various missing men, including her husband. Would Professor John Raymond Sr get to the bottom of this mystery and save the sanity of this sultry sister of sorrow?

Yeah, those one-eyed Nazi's were a dime a dozen back then. You would've thought the monocle would have tipped his wife off as to his true allegiance. But then, we wouldn't have a rip roaring tale to present to you this eve. Well, at least the former Mrs. Freeman landed on her feet and in the arms of another man, while the Web? Well Rose was waiting for him, we're sure, and perhaps she is the mother of the silver age Web? Or perhaps not.

We'll try to bring some other Web and Yellowjacket tales from MLJ and Frank Communale Publications, aka Mighty and Charlton Comics, on a future Webnesday.

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