Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Marvel Mondays Madness!

On the outskirts of Marvel's main fictional universe, a team of alien adventurers formed to protect a strange world made up of floating enclaves connected in a metallic web floating through space. We have already considered two of their members which were at least partly inspired by the Comet and Hangman. Two more members of this society also gained some notoriety. One tied to the Champions, an analog for the Crusaders, the other a native Xandarian who struck off on his own to explore the cosmos with his cosmic abilities.

Powerhouse was a young Rieg Davan that gained the power to harness energy which allowed him to magnify his superhuman strength further.  Much like Lancelot Strong aka the Shield, he had great potential yet his life was prematurely snuffed out before his career could take off.

Firelord began as an ordinary lad in Xandar society Pyreus Kril that was second in command of a stellar vessel, who first assumed his friend and captain's place after his abduction, and later adopted a similar set of cosmic powers from the same cosmic entity when the former captain was himself killed. Much like Fireball and Inferno, his fiery disposition was matched by his manipulation of thermal energies around his body. While never officially joining a team like his MLJ counterparts, he was ultimately on the same side of good. But there were other Champions, like their Crusader forebearers, for another Monday.

Fear not, you Charlton fans (both of you) for Mighty Marvel also featured a team-up of an energetic captain and a spunky femme federali (no, not Captain Atom and Eve  Eden aka Nightshade) i.e. Captain Mar-Vel and Major Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel.

But that is a tale for another week yet to come.

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