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Monday, June 28, 2010

Marvel Mondays: The Comets and their Avengers

In perhaps the most outright homage of a concept from the old MLJ by Marvel Comics, we introduce you our loyal (and few) readers to the Comet! Harris Moore was a citizen of New York City during the 1950's when, while simply minding his own business, one of those extremely confident plot devices... er a small comet... irradiated him. He was then transformed into a flying powerhouse, with the ability to manipulate electrical energy. Adopting the alias of the Comet, he became a crimefighter during a time when there not many, if any, operating publicly.

When Comet abruptly left his family, his son Frank thought this meant that his father was the victim of gangland. Hence, he created a flying pod and specialized hand gun that ensnared his foes, developing the alias of Crimebuster.

This is extremely similar to the modus operandi of the Hangman, who used ropes to entangle his foes, seeking vengence against criminals including the man who shot his brother  the Comet!

Unlike this pair, the MLJ/Mighty superhero siblings didn't play nice as the former heroic Hangman turned villain temporarily. They last spoke during the his dying breath with apologies exchanged between both brothers.
Even the flying pods were somewhat similar, although the now evil Hangman's choice of head gear left something to be desired!

Eventually, Frank met his father who had since taken up residence on an alien world named Xandar to protect it's residents (sound say planet Altrox?). There he formed the Champions of Xander and eventually recruited his son into their ranks. Alas both father and son were killed in conflicts with alien forces. No doubt, this had something to do with the Comet connection between Marvel and MLJ's characters (MLJ owned the rights) and the family legacy connection of Crimebuster and the Hangman to their father and older brother, respectively.

Will there be another Charlton or Mighty MLJ character we can dig up for next Marvel Monday? Join us in seven days... or tomorrow!

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