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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sideline Sundays: Non-Legionaire Kids and Lads

Sidekicks have since the very beginning of comics been a mainstay. And the stronger the sidekick, the more apt they are to pull their own weight. Such was the case with an intentional sidekick, and a lad who would later be reintroduced as one. We present Kid Muscles and Golden Lad!

Kip Muscles changed his first name, and THAT was his origin along with training next to a master bodybuilder.

Tommy Preston's origin was  bit more complicated, but not by much. He found a golden heart made from the Aztecs and stolen by a Spaniard. And somehow from that gold ornament he gained great strength and flight!

While Kid Muscles was a continual partner of Mister Muscles, appearing in his two tales from the mid 1950's, Golden Lad operated solo for 5 issues in the mid 1940's before being brought back in Charlton Bullseye #10 wherein he met Thunder Bunny. He teamed up with the latter twice, assisting him in tracking down the Hermit... a villain that kept heroes like the Lad in stasis for decades to keep them out of criminals' hair.

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