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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sideline Sundays: Cuddly Buddies

Every A-list hero has to have an animal sidekick. It's not optional... it's necessary to get any street cred in the comic community.

Okay...maybe not. Still, Jaguar and E-Man a way with their furry friends, even when they are a bit temperamental at times:

Are energized beast boys had a couple animal buddies... well E-Man's is well known as Teddy-Q, former pet of a henchmen for megalomaniac Samuel Boar. Now reformed and carrying on quite an intellectual life, thank you very much.

Alas, we were never formerly introduced to Ralph Hardy and Jill Ross' furry friend... we'll call him Monkey-Lad. But c'mon, from this one panel... wouldn't he have supported a backup feature? You gotta love him!

Teddy-Q had potential himself for greatness although he never quite realized this potential in his fictional life. Although he ended up as a server at a restaurant that seemed oblivious to all the parasite attached to his fur while he was dishing out food to customers.

Yep both of these dogs were really the cat's meow. Although not quite as gifted as their faithful fake fauna friends.

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