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Monday, June 7, 2010

Marvel Mondays: Colorful Creepie-Crawlers

Continuing on with the Mighty Marvel tradition of snagging concepts from defunct superhero lines of other publishers, we next introduce their take on Blue Beetle, the Scarlet Scarab. While not dressed the same, both were archeologists... Professor Abdul Faoul like Dan Garrett found an ancient scarab that gave him the whole host of Kryptonian-approved powers.

Originally leader of a band of freedom fighters that patterned themselves after ancient Egyptian warriors (while wielding the weapondry of modern day militants), Faoul stumbled upon the insect jewel that would change his life. And wardrope.

Gaining superhuman strength, endurance, flight and energy blasts which allowed him to battle alien metahumans to a standstill to protect Cairo.

Scarab only had a handful of appearances before fading into obscurity. Since he was Egypt-centric there wasn't much market for a middle-eastern superhero comic. And so, in his fictional universe, his career ended when he lost his power inducing jewelry for good.

Years later, his son Mehemet obtained the scarab and began his own career of conflicts with American heroes.

Next week a pair of Shields!

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