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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Earth-One VERSUS Earth-Two: New Blog!!!

A brief departure from the norm... fear not there is still MUCH Charlton and Mighty MLJ goodness still to come. However, yours truly now has a new blog that introduces the counterpart concept to where it originated... thanks the Gardner Fox's vivid imagination as he created two parallel universes, Earth-One and Earth-Two. Its called the DC Multiverse!

Check it out as we analyze who may have been counterparts, and how their differences marked two distinct yet functionally similar Earths in comic fiction. Much like we try to do each week right here and CvsMMLJ!

Remember when ol' Beetle first became acquainted with the Multiverse? He was just busy bashing in bad guys! Ah the simple days of segregated  Earth superheroes!

Sadly, only Earth-Four was discovered during this period, with its Charlton heroes safely in the fold ready to be assimilated in DC proper. The Mighty MLJ gang took a few decades before they came around to play in the same sandbox with the big guns.

Couldn't they have just all stayed separate, giving us different takes on how a limited number of heroes championed good on their respective worlds? Rather than big gang scenes? Alas, assimilation is more than just a science fiction concept.

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