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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellowjacket Webnesdays: YJ #10 Part 2

And now part two of Yellowjacket's tenth published adventure from the mid-40's. Will our Stinging Sleuth get to the bottom of the mystery regarding the missing Ed Aubrey? Will YJ's girlfriend Diane forgive him for racing into adventure once more? Will we see the pictured lions and insidious clown ANYWHERE inside this issue? Let's find out together in this golden age classic from Charlton Comics (well, one of their acquired interests, anyway). Sit back and enjoy:

So that was how Ed was moonlighting to prop his posh lifestyle! Guess the lions and clown weren't invited to the party this month. And Diane... I mean c'mon you have to *know* your boyfriend himself moonlights as a superhero, why the playa hating? Don't hate the player, hate the game. Anyways. this issue continues an odd trend of having Yellowjacket appear without his niche, i.e. his faithful bees. Were they taking a break with the lions and the clown?

Tune in later on for the second half of Yellowjacket Webnesdays, as we conclude the Web's final golden age adventure.

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