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Monday, June 14, 2010

Marvel Mondays: Shields Across Two Worlds!

We now feature the 1970's version of golden age stalwart from MLJ Comics, the Shield. To say that Blue is more than a homage is playing down what Tom DeFalco did that was original with this character (not much). For instance, note the following points of similarity:

  1. Both were named Joe, losing their fathers at a young age to a gangster's hit on them.
  2. Each wore an item of clothing enhancing their durability, strength and speed to superhuman levels.
  3. The Joes worked as law enforcement authorities while moonlighting as superheroes.
  4. And, of course, they had big old shields on their chest. Yet no red for Blue.

Joe Cartelli initially met with the heroine named the Dazzler, and they struck up an on-again off-again partnership for a brief period. Then Joe was hired onto Project Pegasus (think Thunder Agents) leading a rather non-discript career as a mere security officer without actually being in the front lines like Mr. Higgins was in the 40's and later in the 80's when he was revived.

According to available figures on the exact abilities conveyed to Blue Shield via his force-belt), "amplifies his body's natural life force (bio-energy), granting him superhuman strength, speed and near impenetrable force field.  The Blue Shield is ten times as strong as the average human being, able to lift (press) approximately 1,800 pound. His reaction time is about ten times that of a normal man, and he is able to run at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour for short length of time." Quite an array of powers!

Next week, we return to Mighty Marvels take on one of Charlton's finest. Join us then when we take on a pair of Captains.

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