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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thunder Agents Week: Five Fisted Action!

Two petty dictators of third world countries armed to the hilt, ready to cause chaos with their army and armaments. However, they underestimated the hearty resolve of our five for fightin', namely the Fightin' 5 and T.H.U.N.D.E.R Squad. Only this time, with tragic consequences to our heroes.

Jrozya's henchwomen Sonya led Fightin' Five leader Hank Hennessey to the Unibrow villain, and  then she seemingly extinguished the life of the beret clad crusader! Sure!
The Brain ultimately sacrifices himself to save his fellow challengers of the unknown. The Squad shrunk from five to four, and another was soon to leave the fold before the Squad gained notoriety.

Turns out Sonya had a soft spot for Hank. Was it her inherent good nature, or something more? Regardless, she soon gained the trust of her former foes showing that the cold war... at least in this comic... thawed.

The Chief, as always, focused more on the mission than on his employees or their morale. With out realizing it, he introduced to the Squad to a device that would divide them further. After a battle with some elusive bandits, one member would use this gadget to begin a new solo career.

Further assisting the agents of her nation's arch-enemies, Sonya and Hank realize they have to place their political differences aside to tackle a bigger threat to the entire globe, a mad man with his finger on a nuclear option. Which forces the Fightin' Five's General to make a tough decision which we'll cause him regret later.

Donning the bright plumage of future super fast legend, Lighting, Guy Gilbert attempted a dual career as speedster and soldier. However, his own divided loyalties towards his comrades and their (and humanity's) well being. He chose the latter, and it cost him years of his life due to the adverse effects of artificially induced acceleration.
Sacrifice is something the Five are familiar with as well, as Irv the Nerve shows how foolhardiness can lead to fatality. Still, he provides the opportunity for Sonja to sabotage Jrozya's fortress. As if this wasn't bad enough, Han's his left eye and right arm were destroyed from the same jolt of juice. This leader lost a step that fellow leader Gilbert gained, though still at s steep cost.

Now a terrific three (no, not that one), often the fair Kitty Kane was off attempting to recruit super agents to save their bacon (in this particular instance, Agent Vulcan), it was up to Dynamite and Weed to stave off an alien invasion. And showed their finesse in the face of fearsome fiends fearlessly fighting for freedom. (Whew)

And yet still, we have not concluded the story of our glib and gaudy governmental good guys. We were introduced to one red head double agent today, would the Squad also meet such a dangerous and yet intriguing sultry scarlet sister?

We'll find out come tomorrow!

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