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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue Beetle Baddies Weeks: Knightly Knaves

For a third week in a row, Friday Fiends involves adversaries of Blue Beetle and Steel Sterling. In this case, a pair of colorful criminal knights...the Black and Red Knights. Black Knight debuted in Sterling's initial adventure from February 1940's Zip Comics #1. Red Knight appeared decades later March 1965's Blue Beetle #5. Both were geniuses with a methods of the medieval and leanings towards the larceny. While Black Knights true identity and origin were left obscure, Red Knights was made quite clear as physicist Lewis Coll who seeked to travel to Saturn to obtain siliconium and gain enormous strength. With a helpful push by future foe Blue Beetle, Coll achieved his goal and madness as a result.

Looked like a fatal finale for the first foiled fiend, while a stunning successful for the second sinister sentinel (sorry). In the end, Red Knight reverted to sanity once Beetle released him from his irradiated suit and brought him back in the arms of his love, Regina White (his queen...get it?). Meanwhile, in Zip Comics #4, Red Knight returned as the Radium King guessed it. Both baddies were toxic iin senses than one.

The knighted king faced checkmate due to his own incompetent, which led to his demise trapped within his doomed submarine while Steel and his girl-Friday, Dora Cummings swam away. While Red had a longer career, Black proved more potent a one-on-one adversary...for a moment in time.

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