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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Courageous Carrot-Tops Week: The Henpeckers

icking up on a theme a couple weeks ago regarding our pals Thunderbolt and the Web, reference was made as to their "significant others" making their lives miserable. All sad sack Web wanted to do was remain a hero, all poor Thunderbolt wanted to do was remain aloof. Which had the stronger will? Definitely the John Raymond who stuck to his guns by keeping his alter ego, not like Peter Cannon who caved in. Which had it better? Pete had the solace of domestic bliss when he did as he was told, while all Johnny got was a bag of potatoes to peel as penance. Rice was Pete's starch of choice, actually.

Their carrot topped domestics, Tabu and Rose, obviously had differing opinions on our blonde bombshells' choice of wardrope. One found matching clothes, the other found it more useful as more kindling.

This often led to some rough times for our pairs of pairs.
I would take Rose any day of the week over Tabu. She could well have thrown a wicked right hook, while he telegraphs his punches too much.

Our carrot tops' styles of pouting was also quite different, yet both of them led to personal torment for our color-splashed gladiators.
If only Rose had practiced the old Asian mantra "I can do it I must do it I will do it" like Pete and Tabu practiced in their old lamasery, she may have just persuaded John to foresake his crime fighting ways.

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Scott Nesmith said...

But then Rose followed the theory of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." and adopted the secret identity of Pow Girl: