Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fawcett Fridays: Odds and Ends Wrap-Up

Wrapping up our coverage of Fawcett's plethora of potent powerhouses, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the comparison with Charlton's finest... let alone MLJ's featured players.

Still, considering such similarities as Andrea Thomas and David Crandall, two heroes who gained powers over the climate yet failed to make many inroads into the superhero community; the turbaned duo Ibis and Tabu, with access to ancient items of immense power in the Ibisstick and Tibetian scrolls; the telepathic investigator known as Radar who aided Captain Marvel a time or two and the Question who's own intuitive sense drew him to the scenes of crimes while aiding his fellow Sentinels; highflying aces Captain Midnight and the American Eagle; Kid Eternity and the Ghost who each creeped around in the background with the Kid aiding his friends and the Ghost conspiring against them. And we could go on and on and on.

And we haven't even begun to scratch the surface on parallels with the MLJ crowd and Earth-S. What would happen, for instance, of Andrea Thomas had met Catgirl? Would Egyptian fur have been flying on that day?

Perhaps we will review these additional intriguing characters at some future date, but starting next week we have a series of special weeks in store to highlight, once more, the wonders that are from Charlton and MLJ which is our deepest passion here.

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