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Monday, September 6, 2010

Blue Beetle Baddies Week: Magnetic Marauders

Today we turn our attention to that favorite foil of silver age costumed champions, the magnetic malefactor. Or in the case of Mighty and Charlton Comics, the Magnetic Menace and Magno-Man. Originally, two aspiring scientists grasping the concepts behind electro-magnetic force, they encounter Steel Sterling and Blue Beetle. It doesn't go well for them.

On the short end of the stick, having been humiliated by our heroes, our villains engage them in battle using the awesome forces at their disposal, to exact vengence on the heroes! And the situation appeared grim!

The Foes use specialized vehicles to take on our  powered pair of pals:.Manace's hovers over the ground, Magno's burrows underneath it.

In their final confrontation,both baddies find themselves doomed as Magno, wearing Sterling's anti-gravity belt, is propelled high above the Earth, and Menace, while inside his drill, is crushed under the Earth!


Having lost his belt granting him the power of flight (he'd regain it once more in the 1980's), Steel from this point forward rechristens Magno's vehicle as the "Sterling Scooter". Nothing left for Beetle to salvage except a large piece of French artwork. And so end two one-hit Friday Fiends.

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