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Monday, February 8, 2010

Battling Blondes: Round 3 - Cover Boys

Returning to comparison of those battling blondes, John Raymond aka the Web and the Peter Cannon aka Thunderbolt, so far we have a 3-1 lead from round 2 (round 1 ended in a draw). Our next area of focus are the covers portraying the pair in action. We've picked four...let's get started!

Pete going tet a tet against vicious apes...while John gets spanked by a common thug who is turn scared by bread roller! Pete takes this. Definitely not John's finest hour but the future Pow-Girl is showing some potential.

Although John shares billing with his Fly friends, he's definitely standing erect and ready for battle...unlike John who's tasting the potent power of that poisonous princesses of Ptolemy, Evila. I think John would have a shot against that gal considering he faces Rose every morning, noon, and night.

Once more John shows that he's isn't afraid to tackle solid girth. Those sumos no doubt eat guys like Bolt for breakfast. Meanwhile, it looks like the Fly is doing most of the work with John coming just in time for to bull rush the non-descript felon. We'd give it to the Fly, were he in this contest,  just for the sound effect alone.  This is the "POW" age, after all. You know he means business. Otherwise, this is ALL Petey for manning up.

Two fire-breathing we're talking! Pete seems to have his oppenent, this time the Dragon, on the ropes. However, John has taken a tactical advantage..getting the drop on a villain, Inferno, imitating a hero who himself was a villain and foe of Steel Sterling. Anyways, since Dragon seems to be smirking despite encountering this might of the Bolt while Inferno seems to be in panic mode, will give a slight nod to the Web.

Battling Blondes Rating

1.) Story Drama: Or, at least, Cover Drama? It would seem that Thunderbolt wins out since his covers are serious while typically there are comical elements strewn in Web's appearances. Although Pete's static and stilled poses do not convey quite as much action as John's fluid motions. Pete gets this by a nose.

2.) Imaginative Use of Abilities: Not much imagination in these covers. Flying fists are fairly typical. As are leaping through windows.Thankfully category 4 touches on this (see below) in a creative way.

3.)Adversary: Inferno beats Dragon since he has style points for his costume and legacy connection. The Wayne women beat Evila as we mentioned last week and a foe or ally...wins every time hands down simply due to her dogged persistent and character motivation...preservation of her fool husband's life.

4.) Intangibles that Worked: Heed the Web's words "The Web will not only thrill'll make ya laugh, cry, and mebbe even'll sneeze when...oh go buy the mag". Sneezing is a powerful incentive in our book. Pete's reply? "I can do it...I must do it...I will do it". Yawn! John wins.

To sum up, John wins Round 3! We'll resume Battling Blondes in a few weeks, after we introduce Dueling Ditko: Bugged-Out Bouts! Can't wait.

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