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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Steeler Sundays: "Where does he get those Wonderful Toys?"

For our post game wrap up from last week big season finale,  we thought we'd looked at the wonderful toys that are Men of Steel have used through the course of their illustrious careers and how they obtained them. And we're using a handy teaching tool, the wonderful power of alliteration.

The secret to Sarge Steel's accumulation of toys? Grabbing Greedy Goons' Great Gadgets. For instance note the ultra sleek Talon Copter which was once the possession of now disenfranchised foreign agent, the Talon, which was the method of capturing Sarge. And the stun gun. The hypno-chair hopefully came with a money back guarantee as it was fairly useless in controlling the Will of Steel. Nor does it recline.

The secret to Steel Sterling's possession of cool gimmicks? Devices Discovered During Dumpster Diving. Well that is not completely fair...only his supersuit and (apparently) his anti-gravity belt were found in a trash can next to a dumpster...but you get the idea. Why someone would throw out a flying belt is beyond me...although the Magnetic Menace found the foily of freely flying when he foolish felt the need to fly off with it. Never to it headed straight for the stratosphere (until the 1980's when he apparently retrieved it). But fear not, for the genius dunderhead left behind his cool vehicle which Steel rechristened the Sterling Scooter. Check out all its gadgets! And then Monster Master was outwitted by his  sentient Robot-Brain Computer and then claimed by Sterling for use in his secret fortress. Yes folks, only in the comics...

So concludes the inagular season of Steeler Sundays. We'll revisit them once more when the next American Football (Gridiron for you blokes overseas) commences once more in August. Until then we are introducing a new feature next week: Sideline Sundays...where we feature some of the supporting characters who have been on the sidelines cheering our heroes on. And we'll sneak the Steel studs back for a cameo next Sunday with their girl Fridays in tow, Bess Forbes and Gayle Gaynor. Until then!

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