Charlton VS Mighty MLJ

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Link-O-Rama around the Blog-o-Sphere

This site is not the sole repository for all things Charlton & Mighty MLJ (thankfully!). See below:

Mighty Crusaders is the premiere site for Mighty/MLJ characters

Comprehensitive Encyclopedia for Mighty/MLJ/Red Circle

Message Board for Archie Brand Characters

One-Shot Prankster by Jim Aparo for Charlton

We will investigate more resources online for these wonderful forgotten characters at a later date. See you next Friday Fiends, fandom friends.


Rip Jagger said...

Thanks for the kind words. I adore the Charlton books, out of all proportion to their quality sometimes. It's great to run across kindred spirits. This is fun site, with a really clever way of getting into some (for many) obscure material.

Keep up the great work.

Rip Off

Rip Jagger said...
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