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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Steeler Sundays: Steeler Bowl VS Unholy 3 (+2)

Welcome to Steeler Bowl I, an epic battle pitting the sinister skills of the Unholy Three (+2) versus the tenacious teamwork of the Steelers. Going in, the Steelers are the underdog as the Unholy Three (+2) have experience on their side. After the coin flip it appears that the Unholy Three (+2) will lead off into the first plays of the game:

To recap, the Steelers starting lineup is Asa, Wong, Carmen, Red Wing, April, Arthur. Arthur had been benched indefinitely due to some off the field transgressions. Their coach is Steel Sterling.

The lad and lasses showed true potential and Coach Sterling felt they had a great shot at taking it all given their supreme dedication (not the mention their fashion sense which favored their mentor...please see below).

On the other side, the Unholy Three (+2) starting lineup consisted of Lynx (and her pet), Smiling Skull, Ivan Chung and Werrer Von Vess. There was a rumor that Werner retired...oh wait...Kurt WARNER. My bad). Sarge Steel was recruited to take Werner's place. Mr. Ize is their coach.

As we had suspected last week, Werner Von Wess is no longer in the starting lineup as Coach Mr. Ize pulled him in favor of our favorite Sarge, Steel!

Now the ball is in the Steelers court, so to speak, let's see how well they do after coach S. Sterling's pep talk from earlier this morning.

Looks like the spunky young Steelers brought their "A" game today. Let's turn to our sideline reporter, Rita, as she interviews Sterling's studs:

They seem cocky, and you gotta love their cliches! Simply exuding confidence, aren't they? We will return to the proceedings after these announcements from our sponsors (and boy...did they pay a pretty penny back in the day for these primo spots!):

Man...classic junk they were peddling! Since this IS a kid friendly game, there will be no "less filing taste great" commercials. Drink your Kool-Aid and like it, punk kids!

Let's turn our attention to the other sideline and see how Sarge is fairing after his injury. Will he return to the game in time to swing the momentum back in the direction of the Unholy Three (+2)?

What a stunning turn of events! No longer brainwashed, it appears Sarge has jumped to the side of the good guys and created a key deflection! He's making minced meet of his other former teammates!

With Coach Mr Ize and his team on the ropes, thanks in no small part to Sarge's debilitating tackles, the Unholy Three leave the field disgusted. Redwing's timely passes are coming in the clutch to pull his team ahead!

Key defector Sarge knew the thrill of victory as had Coach Sterling and his Steelers, while the Unholy Three (-2) knew the bitter agony of defeat. Coach Sterling will definitely seek to claim yet another world championship .

This August starts a new season of Steeler Sundays. But fear not, loyal readers, we still have the post game wrap up for you coming next week! Then we'll dissect the tools of the trade for our tremendous two teams!

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