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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last letters of dying publishers

Of interest are these notes from the last issues of Mighty Crusaders #7 and Thunderbolt #60. Both hint at future plans and greater aspirations for both Charlton and Mighty Comics, that we now know ended abruptly.


An actual critical letter posted in a Mighty Comics letter column? Please pinch us, collectively! Dusty's one sole appearance without explanation on his silver age solitude from superheroing was definitely mysterious, and along with Bob Phantom "and Blackjack were sadly neglected in the 60's comics run. THE UNEMPLOYED GUYS" indeed. Looks like all Hangman's "cancelite" worked best on their very own titles.

There is an excellent write up on the Prankster posted elsewhere. Both he and Thunderbolt had tremendous potential (and love their color schemes and style...long lost cousins several times removed, perhaps?),. "The Sentinels didn't click with us, either"...interesting admission. Actually the former Protesters folk singing band could've clicked with better artwork and story pacing, But alas it t'wasn't to be and the big "C" went in a different direction focusing on lisensed characters and mystery. Sigh.

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