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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team-Up Tuesdays: Darlings of Darkness

We dovetail right into a character profile with this edition of Team-Up Tuesdays since the gals featured tonight first appeared alongside fellow heroic teams from the very beginning.

Nightshade first appeared in September 1966 's Captain Atom #82.

Darkling took alongmost two decades more to finally appear in July 1983's All-New Adventures of the Mighty Crusaders.

Both dark darlings were immediately introduced without much by way of origin stories, fairly remarkable among silver and bronze age characters. Each offered her services to the government and were paired alongside federally mandated protectors to combat threats to national security:
While Nightshade helped Captain Atom flush out the Ghost's men while the master villain escaped (we'll cover him in a future post), she was able to fraternize with her colleague in civilian clothes. And wouldn't you know, her alias of Eve Eden perfectly complemented Captain Atom's alias of...Captain Adam!?! What a phenomenal coincidence!!!

Darkling found that her knight in scarlet armor was a the pickup department. Don't blame Shield he just thawed out after decades of an iron rich diet. Regardless, thanks in no small part to her assistance both Eterno, his Malevolent League of Jaggernauts and Brain Emperor (so much material to get to someday!) the world was preserved.

Each lass had the ability to phase in and out of existence, Nightshade by turning into a two-dimensional shadow, Darkling through the use of us cloak. And each could hold their own with their physical skill  (see Nightshade's right hook and Darklings swift kick above). Both travelled dimensions and hence earned the eternal scorn of the Ghost and Brain Emperor, who hated having to share their trick with a do-gooder.

Where had these darlings of darkness come from? What would future tales hold in store for them? And how would tragedy envelop the lives of these precious pretties? All good questions for another day.

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